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About us

Brighton Beach Early Learning Centre (Brighton Beach ELC) is a boutique privately owned centre located at 21 New Street Brighton.

Housed in a grand Edwardian home, Brighton Beach ELC was first opened in 1996 and caters for 64 children aged from 8 months to 6 years of age.

In 2016 Brighton Beach ELC underwent a stunning refurbishment that has resulted in a state of the art environment for our children and their families to enjoy. We have five spacious, light-filled children’s rooms that lead out to extensive outdoor play areas. Our gardens have an abundance of established trees and shrubs including three magnificent date palms that complement our peaceful beachside location. We also have street-level onsite parking enabling the easy drop off and collection of your children.

Brighton Beach ELC and our sister centre Brighton ELC are highly regarded in the local community for fostering meaningful long term relationships with our families due to our extremely low staff turnover and for providing a warm nurturing environment for your child’s preschool years. Our reputation is also based on the high quality of our planned child centred programs that are responsive to the needs and interests of all children and which are in line with current best practice in Early Childhood Education. Our programs have been proven to successfully prepare our children for school entry and we liaise with your chosen Primary School to ensure that your child meets or exceeds the school’s prerequisites for entry. 

About us


At Brighton Beach Early Learning Centre, we strongly believe that, as Early Childhood Educators, we need to support each child in meeting their fullest potential.

We recognise children as capable and active participants in the Brighton Beach ELC Community.

We acknowledge that children are confident and competent learners and we strive to be able to build a stimulating and engaging environment, catered to each child’s unique abilities and interests.

Brighton Beach ELC has strong values in sustainability and we strive to deliver a sustainable program. We believe in creating a healthy world for the generations to come.

We believe that children have the right to play, explore and experiment with the world around them. We believe that play plays an immense part in a child’s learning and draws on their imaginative skills and makes them curious about the world around them.

We take on a Reggio Emelia inspired approach at Brighton Beach ELC, as our core values align with theirs. We believe that the environment is the child’s third teacher.

We value a relationship based approach where children’s ideas and voices are at the centre of our educational approach. In the Reggio Emelia approach, children are the main initiators of the learning process. We then guide, listen, observe, question and encourage children to further their interests.

We encourage children to make their own decisions and will support them to be their most confident selves. Embedding children’s voices into the program, activities and daily routine is what we aim to achieve.

Here at Brighton Beach ELC, we celebrate the small things just as much as the big. A child is taking their first steps, or climbing over a frame that they thought they couldn’t.

As a team, we value diversity, inclusion and individuality. We strive to maintain strong, respectful and meaningful relationships with families and the community. We wish to ensure that each family feels a sense of belonging and inclusion and to have their voices clear and apparent throughout the Brighton Beach ELC community.
We embrace diversity in all of its forms.

Here at Brighton Beach, we strive to embed Indigenous culture into our daily program in a respectful and meaningful way. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and pay our respects to the elders of the past, present and future.

We believe as educators we must reflect on our pedagogy and our abilities to put theory into practice. Self-Reflection is imperative in being the best we can be in order to support children’s learning.


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Exciting Incursions & Excursions

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Specialist Classes & Extra Curricular Programs



We believe that all children should be immersed in an environment which is responsive to their individual needs, providing exciting opportunities for learning and investigation. Our programs are developed by teachers who value the idea that ‘children learn through play’. Programs are inclusive of art, maths, music, science, sport, literacy, natural investigation and LOTE (languages other than English). These areas are interwoven into programs which allow children to ask questions, research, hypothesise and discover.

We aim to provide the highest level of care and education for all children in a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment. As part of our centre philosophy, providing an environment which is accepting of all families and children is of the utmost importance. We welcome all families and pride ourselves on our ability to recognise and celebrate the differences in our cultures, religions and beliefs.

All rooms within the centre provide educationally appropriate and stimulating programs which are responsive to the needs of both the whole group and the individual child. We have a strong focus on supporting the ‘whole’ child. That is, physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, creatively and morally. 

We recognise the value of play in a child’s development and provide experiences that reflect the current interests of the children who attend. We recognise the importance of partnerships between families and educators and provide an environment where we can work with families to create the most supportive environment for children in our care to develop to their best potential.


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Rating and Assessment

All centres, Australia wide, are assessed by their state/territory regulatory authority to ensure that they are meeting the National Quality Standards. Brighton ELC and Brighton Beach ELC have been through the accreditation process many times and have consistently met or exceeded the requirements of the National Quality Standards. If you would like more detailed information on the NQF, please do not hesitate to ask the Centre Coordinator. Our Accreditation results are published on the website.

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