Brighton ELC

Brighton Beach ELC


From birth, children experience living and learning with others in a range of communities. Children’s connectedness with different ways of belonging to people, country and communities help them to learn ways of being, reflecting the values, traditions and practices of their families and communities.

Learning Outcome 2: Victorian Early Years and Development Framework.

Brighton Beach ELC and Brighton ELC value the relationships we have with the wider community, highlighting the importance of these partnerships through ongoing, inclusive experiences. We understand that sharing information is a great platform for both families and the local community to maintain these partnerships, providing an environment where children and families thrive through community involvement and participation. We look to the people and services in our community to help enrich the lives of the children in our care, encouraging involvement and participation through a variety of experiences in our yearly events calendar including:

– Visits from Indigenous Aboriginal Elders

– An abundance of incursions throughout the year

– Visits from the local primary school as part of the ‘transition to school’ process

– Borrowed books from the local library to maintain a literacy rich environment.

– Parent participation