Brighton ELC

Brighton Beach ELC


At Brighton Beach ELC, and Brighton ELC, we strongly believe that, as Early Childhood Educators, we need to support each child in meeting their fullest potential. It is therefore essential that we work together in partnership to attain our joint objectives.

We recognise that children are active participants in the Brighton Beach ELC and Brighton ELC community.

We acknowledge that children are competent learners and we endeavour to build an engaging learning environment that draws on each child’s unique ability.

We believe that children have a right to play; as this is the way they make sense of the world around them. We believe that play is so important and so much can be learned through play! Children can be anyone and can do anything their imagination desires. 

We provide a safe and healthy play space and learning environment, to ensure that each child can become engaged in a learning moment; learn at their own pace; develop their unique potential; show initiative; develop self worth and dignity; receive respect for their individual contributions; learn to be more responsible for their environment; and begin to understand the exciting world around them.  

We encourage each child to participate in directing their learning environment to ensure that individual strengths and capabilities are catered for.

As a team we value and respect the role of the family in children’s lives, recognising the family as a child’s first educator and role model. Other key figures and role models such as educators, significant adults and the local community are also influential during the preschool years.

We wish to ensure that each family feels a sense of belonging and inclusion; to feel that they are an integral part of the centre community.

We embrace all our individual family cultures that are a part of the Brighton Beach ELC and Brighton ELC community. Staff endeavour to provide a community where families share their time, skills and their individual uniqueness to enrich our programs. Both centres are sensitive to the fact that each family’s culture is diverse.

Both centres also recognise the fact that all of our staff are unique individuals who come from different backgrounds. Most of our staff come from all over Melbourne, and have different perspectives and experiences that can be shared with the children we care for, as well as with each other.

Our philosophy acknowledges the importance of social equality, co-operation, shared responsibility, mutual respect and high self-esteem for all. 

We believe that the Early Childhood Years are critical to all children, and by providing new experiences in a happy and calm play space, we will ensure that each child can become a confident and successful learner. Each room offers a learning environment where staff respond to children and family, spontaneously, with intention and in a purposeful way. 

We believe that we must reflect on our ability to put theory into practise: – through regular review of our programs, routines and strategies; by having regular opportunities for staff to get together to discuss difficulties and share successes; by ensuring staff participate in professional development training; by seeking regular feedback from the children and families; and by continually exploring new ideas.

Broad Goals 

To ensure that all of our children and their families experience a great sense of belonging to our community – that it is a home away from home.

To provide a high quality early learning service which is responsive to the needs of all the children and parents and which is in keeping with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

To ensure that the Kindergarten children are thoroughly prepared for school.

To provide a wide range of learning experiences (both planned and spontaneous and in consultation with families and children), which will facilitate learning programs that reflect the 5 learning outcomes of the EYLF. 

To provide a reciprocal environment where we work with, offer support to, care for and educate our families and team members.

To recognise the individual and unique skills of our staff and to embrace new ideas, building a strong team who support each other and follow our code of conduct.

To develop and maintain positive relationships, within our community (staff, families, children and the local community) in order to become aware of how we affect the world around us.

To ensure our service is inclusive.

To embrace reflective practises so that our service can demonstrate our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement; and the principles of the National Quality Framework.

To provide ongoing information sharing and knowledge building for staff and families

To participate in our quality assurance processes; to embrace the National Quality Standards; and to review centre processes and practices through ongoing review and evaluation.